The Ideal Day In Vegas For Every Party Animal

You and your friends are savages, which means you have definitely power-tripped to Vegas at 6 pm on a Friday on a whim.

We get you.

If you are like so many other people who venture to Vegas, then you just want to turn back the clock and party like you are back in college/when you were at the top of your party game.

In hopes of doing just that, below you will find the ideal day for every Vegas party animal.

Step 1: Wake Up And Hit The Buffet

Whether you just landed or are in recovery mode from the night before, you need to refuel, and if you plan on refueling like a boss, then you will hit up one of Vegas’ buffets, which are fire.

If you really want to go HAM, then you can get bottomless mimosas with your bros during brunch.

Step 2: Head Over To Fat Tuesday And Get Your Drink On

rockbear-for-daylight-3 (2)

Okay, so it doesn’t exactly have to be Fat Tuesday, but a drink is most certainly in order.

An ice cold beverage — which Fat Tuesday provides — goes hand in hand with the Vegas heat, and these frozen drinks are also easy to take down if you are battling a nasty hangover (hair of the dog, fam — it works every time).

Step 3: Hit Up A Pool Party

At this point, you have enough food in your system to soak up the booze and hold you off until a later lunch/dinner. On top of that, you might even have a pretty good buzz going if you got seconds at Fat Tuesday. In that case, a pool party is perfect!

rockbear-for-daylight-26 (4)

Shameless plug time: If you want to venture to a pool party that has headlining DJs, the best music, cold beverages and the most fun in the sun in Vegas, then you will head on over to DAYLIGHT Beach Club.

Nonetheless, it’s time to go beast mode at the pool.

Step 4: The Casino Is Calling Your Name


At this point, you are buzzing hard, and you are ready to say goodbye to the sun and hello to the nightlife. Therefore, you and your crew head to the casino and hit up the tables.

It’s time to do some gambling!

Step 5: Grab Something To Eat — Anything

You’ve been drinking all day, and you need a quick fix when it comes to soaking up some of that booze. If you are fancy AF, then you will dress up and go to a nice dinner (Vegas is flooding with fancy restaurants).

However, if you are just trying to get a quick bite, then you will hit up a food court/eat at a place that doesn’t require you to suit up.

Step 6: Either Pregame In Your Suite, Or Find A LIT Place To Throw Them Back

Once again, you have refueled the beast, and you are ready to go.

Vegas is all about the nightlife, and you are trying to get LIT. Therefore, you and your friends either pregame at your suite, or y’all find a place to throw them back. Whether the case, you can’t go wrong.

Step 7: The Club Is Calling Your Name

The main event is finally here! You are a party animal in every way imaginable, and you are ready to channel your inner Michael Jackson on the dance floor.

It’s club time, the moment you have been waiting for!

As the legendary Steve Aoki said, “Rage, rage the night away. Forget about the money I’ll spend today.”

Now that is how you Vegas, fam!

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DAYLIGHT Beach Club Will Be LIT During Cinco de Mayo/Fight Weekend Thanks To Our Killer AF Lineup

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, fam!

In hopes of celebrating this holiday the right way, it would be in your best interest to purchase tickets to DAYLIGHT Beach Club ASAP. After all, not only is it going to be Cinco de Mayo but Fight Weekend (aka one of the most LIT weekends of the year in Las Vegas) will also be going down.

DAYLIGHT is the ultimate place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Fight Weekend … but those aren’t the only reasons to venture to DAYLIGHT during this time.

The Cinco de Mayo/Fight Weekend lineup at DAYLIGHT Beach Club is LIT AF.

DJ E-Man will be at DAYLIGHT on Friday, May 5, Ice Cube will be here on Saturday, May 6 and Ludacris will be doing his thing on Sunday, May 7.

If all of that doesn’t make you want to go HAM at DAYLIGHT Beach Club, then there is something seriously wrong with you.

Here’s what you have to look forward to, you party animal, you.

DAYLIGHT is the place to be on any given weekend, and that is especially the case during Cinco de Mayo/Fight Weekend.

Book your tickets ASAP, and make sure to reserve your VIP table if you are really trying to go HAM.

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Steve Powers’ Top 5 Songs Are All You Need To Get Jacked For His DAYLIGHT Outing

Who’s ready to unlock their inner party animal at the pool? If so, then you should be partying at DAYLIGHT Beach Club early and often during pool party season, and you especially should be partying at DAYLIGHT on Saturday, April 29. After all, Steve Powers will be in the house, fam.

Prepare to get LIT at DAYLIGHT by checking out Steve Power’s top five songs below.

Good Music


Kiss the Stars

Brazil Nights

Forever Mine

DAYLIGHT Beach Club doesn’t throw your typical pool party. Sure, there will be a pool, and we will be partying, but DJs, champagne showers, bottle service and so much more will be going down.

If you are ready to have some serious fun in the sun, and party at a pool that is fire, then you can purchase your tickets here.

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Get Your Pool Party On by Venturing To Jerzy At DAYLIGHT Beach Club On April 28

Now that spring is finally here, pool party season is starting to take over — well, if you live in a place like Las Vegas, that is.

In the spirit of that thinking, and assuming you haven’t celebrated the beginning of a new season yet, you would be doing your inner party animal a huge favor by venturing to DAYLIGHT Beach Club on Friday, April 28 so you can kick-start your pool party season and watch Jerzy perform.

It’s going to be LIT.

Not only will you get to witness Jerzy perform but you will also get to have fun in the sun at the hottest pool party in Vegas.

If you really want to let your party flag fly, then VIP tables/bottle service will be available (reserve your spot here).

If you can’t make it on April 28, then you could always purchase your tickets for a different day. Check out our calendar here.

DAYLIGHT Beach Club is straight fire, no matter who is performing. With that said, Jerzy will surely throw it down on April 28, bottles will be popped and pool party season will be celebrated the right way.

Pool party season doesn’t last forever, fam, which is why you should be venturing to DAYLIGHT Beach Club all spring and summer long.

See you soon!

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Get LIT at DAYLIGHT Beach Club With Stevie J for LIT Sundays on April 23

DJ Stevie J will be performing at DAYLIGHT Beach Club on Sunday, April 23.

If you have never been to DAYLIGHT, or if you are a big fan of Stevie J, then you won’t want to miss out on the pool party action this Sunday. After all, since it is Sunday at DAYLIGHT, that can only mean one thing — LIT Sundays!

daylight beach club

Pool parties at DAYLIGHT are fire, and that is especially the case when you throw a headlining DJ and LIT Sundays into the mix.

If you and your crew are looking to take your pool party experience to the ultimate level, then you have to venture to DAYLIGHT for the next version of LIT Sundays.

While the video below doesn’t do DAYLIGHT justice, it is still LIT, and is also a small preview of what you can expect this weekend.

Purchase your tickets to Stevie J here, and follow this link if you are all about that bottle service life.

See you at DAYLIGHT this weekend, fam!

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5 Straight Fire Things To Do While You’re Recovering in Las Vegas

The club was LIT last night and you went HAM in the process. As a result, you are in recovery mode today. If you were at home, then you would likely sleep the day away. You aren’t at home, though. You are in Las Vegas, and you don’t want to waste a single second of your time.

We’ve got you covered.

Below, you can find five things to do during the day in Vegas while you are recovering from a nasty hangover.

Get That Side Hustle Going At The Tables

More likely than not, you spent too much money at the club last night, and it was worth it. However, it’s time to get that side hustle going at the tables.

If tables aren’t your thing, then you can hit up the slots. If slots aren’t your thing, then you can bet on a sporting event/game. If gambling isn’t your jam in general, then there are four other straight fire ways to spend your day in Vegas.

M&M’s World

M&M’s World isn’t only for kids — it’s for everyone.

M&M World

Why take it from me? Straight from their website: “Stepping into M&M’s World is like waking up in chocolate heaven — four floors of chocolate heaven, that is..”

Check Out Some Freaking Sharks At The Shark Reef Aquarium in Mandalay Bay

According to, “Shark Reef aquarium is the home of over 2,000 animals including the saw fish, giant rays, endangered green sea turtles, piranha, jellyfish and the rare golden crocodile.”

2,000 animals in 1.6 million gallons of water at Shark Reef Aquarium

Vegas is flooding with unique places that don’t revolve around booze and partying, and this is one of them.

Hit Up A Pool Party

Sometimes, hanging out at the pool, taking in some sun and throwing a few back is the perfect way to counter a hangover. Of course, Las Vegas is known for its pool parties.


DAYLIGHT Beach Club is a great place to celebrate life, and like nightclubs, DAYLIGHT gets wild, and incorporates DJs.

Eat, Shop Or Make Up A Drinking Game On The Strip

There are an endless amount of things to do in Las Vegas. For example, you can shop for days at The Forum Shops at Caesars. You can grab a delicious bite to eat at any time of the day. You can enjoy rides, venture to Fremont Street — anything.

Vegas is literally a playground for adults, and if you find yourself bored, then you simply aren’t trying hard enough, because there is something to do in Vegas for everyone.

Heck, you can even create a drinking game while walking on the Las Vegas Strip. For instance, you and your fam can drink every time you see someone wearing an orange shirt. No, it doesn’t have to be booze. It can be water if you are battling a beastly hangover.

Just be fun and have a good time, because that’s what Vegas is all about.

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Get Amped For Bassjackers’ April 22 Show At DAYLIGHT With Their Most Streamed Songs on Spotify

Bassjackers will be in Vegas and at DAYLIGHT Beach Club on April 22.

You can get ready for the show by doing two things: Purchasing your tickets here and listening to the electronic duo’s most streamed songs on Spotify (the top five can be found below). For your enjoyment, we found those songs on YouTube and listed them below.

Every single track is fire, and every single track will help you get amped for DAYLIGHT on Saturday, April 22.




Wave Your Hands


Bonus: Crackin

DAYLIGHT Beach Club is located at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Bassjackers is going to be LIT, so make sure to purchase your tickets ASAP!

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5 Best Otto Knows Songs To Get You Amped For His Performance at DAYLIGHT — And His Upcoming Single

Otto Knows will be performing at DAYLIGHT Beach Club on Saturday, April 15. If this was just a normal show from the DJ, then it would be LIT. However, it’s not just a normal show for one big reason…

Otto Knows is on the verge of dropping a new single. Yes, it’s really happening, and it is to be released the day before he appears at DAYLIGHT.

Needless to say, there will be plenty to look forward to this weekend. Just in case you aren’t amped enough as it is, check out his top five songs below, which are fire. Listen to them, love them and get ready to go HAM at DAYLIGHT this weekend!

Million Voices

Back Where I Belong


Dying For You

Next To Me

If you haven’t purchased your tickets for Otto Knows yet, then you can do so here. Not only will you get to witness the DJ dropping his famous hits but his upcoming release is also on the horizon. How can you possibly pass that up, fam?

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5 Reasons You Should Have Your Bachelorette Party at a Vegas Pool Party

Your bachelorette party is on the horizon, and Las Vegas is calling your name.

Simply put, if you want your bachelorette party to be as fun as it can possibly be, then you need to have your glorious party at a Vegas pool party. Your inner party animal will thank you, and the same thing can especially be said about your friends.

Still not convinced? On that note, it’s time to unleash five reasons why you should have your bachelorette party at a Vegas pool party.

Vegas Loves Bachelorette Parties

Las Vegas is the capitol of the world when it comes to bachelor and bachelorette parties. Not to mention, Vegas, and typically everyone involved, LOVES bachelorette parties. Therefore, if you are thinking of having your bachelorette party in a place that isn’t named Vegas, you are about to make mistake No. 1.

Tip: Don’t make mistake No. 1, ladies.

Vegas Pool Parties Get Wild

Not only is Vegas the ultimate place for a bachelorette party, but Vegas is known for its wild extremely pool parties. Most consist of epic pools, amazing bars and people celebrating anything and everything.

Wild equals fun, and your bachelorette party has to be flooding with fun. This is your bachelorette party we are talking about, after all! What’s a party without accessing your wild side?!

The Attention

There are plenty of attractions at Vegas pool parties, but your bachelorette party will be the No. 1 attraction. Don’t be surprised when folks are buying you and your friends drinks like it’s their job.

You are about to get married, and you likely want the world to know. Vegas will certainly take note, especially if you bring a pool party into the mix.

The Music

Two things: (1) Everyone loves music. (2) Music is a must-have at any party.

If you venture to a place like DAYLIGHT Beach Club for your bachelorette party, not only will you get some epic beats, but you will get it in DJ fashion as well.

Unlike boring people, you can say your bachelorette party had a DJ — how cool is that?

Your Old Chapter Should Be Honored In Style

You are about to close an epic chapter of your life, and it should be honored in style. Single life as you know it is about to become a thing of the past. It’s time for your final hurrah, if you will, and there’s no better way to achieve that feat than by bringing a Vegas pool party into the mix.

Here’s what you have to look forward to: Your favorite party songs being played early and often, people throwing back drinks left and right, fun in the sun, an epic pool party and you and your girls partying like it’s 1999, like there’s no tomorrow, like, well, [fill in the blank].

Why should guys have all the fun? Make your bachelorette party the ultimate bachelorette party by partying at a Vegas pool party.

If you are in the market for that type of fun, then you are going to want to plan your bachelorette party at DAYLIGHT Beach Club. Trust us. The proof can be found below.

Yeah, that could be you at your bachelorette party.

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This Weekend’s Lineup At DAYLIGHT Beach Club Is Flooding With Must-See DJs

You’ve likely been working like a madman lately. After all, if you want to get ahead in this day and age, you have to log the hours. Working like a madman or not, everyone deserves a break from time to time, and if you are in the market for the best of times in pool party fashion, then DAYLIGHT Beach Club has quite the treat for you — and it all goes down next week.

Next week (on April 13,14,15 and 16, to be exact), DAYLIGHT will be LIT.

On the 13th, DJ Neva will be doing his thing on stage. Meanwhile, you could be celebrating Thirsty Thursday the right way by listening to his beats, having a drink or two and living that pool life in style at DAYLIGHT.

If you feel like going back-to-back days — because you are a freaking savage — then you can catch DJ E-Rock on Friday the 14th.

What’s that? You’re going to do one more? Awesome because DJ Otto Knows will be at DAYLIGHT on Saturday the 15th. We know you want to jam out to “Million Voices” in person — you know, assuming Otto Knows decides to drop that track (fingers crossed).

We know you have been working a ton lately, and you deserve some fun in the sun, but are you really thinking about going four days in a row? Spoiler alert: You won’t be the only person who pulls off that feat, you animal, you!

If you are planning on pulling off back-to-back-to-back-to-back days, then you can catch DJ Crooked and DJ Neva for LIT Sundays on the 16th.

Okay, so maybe you don’t feel like going ham four days in a row, and we understand. If that is the case, then you at least have quite the lineup to choose from next week.

Can’t make it next week? Purchase some tickets to DAYLIGHT for a different date. If you are a bottle service fan, then you can also purchase a table here.

Folks, things get wild at DAYLIGHT, and we can’t wait to see you getting loose at the pool!

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