Best Photos From Tommy Trash Show at DAYLIGHT Beach Club

In case you missed it, DAYLIGHT Beach Club’s Grand Opening of the 2017 pool party season was this weekend, and we had some epic shows lined up for you.

Tommy Trash dropped by on Saturday and this was an epic party that will make you wish you were there.

Don’t fret, because we’re going to be getting down and turning all the way up all spring and summer long. Check out the events to plan your next Vegas weekend!

These were the best photos taken from Tommy Trash’s epic show.

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Best Photos From DAYLIGHT Beach Club’s Grand Opening Weekend Featuring Tyga

Do you like pool parties? Do you like music? Do you like having fun in the sun?

If you answered yes to the three questions above (why wouldn’t you?), then you need to venture on over to DAYLIGHT Beach Club. Until then, you can see what we have to offer via the epic pictures below. With that in mind, here are the best photos from when Tyga dropped in on DAYLIGHT’s grand opening weekend.

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We will be featuring headlining DJs and performers all spring and summer long. Join in on the fun and take your Vegas experience to the next level at DAYLIGHT.

LIT Sundays are here, people. Do yourself, and your inner party animal, a favor by partying in style at DAYLIGHT Beach Club. See you soon!

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Flashback Friday: Best Photos From Kid Funk Tearing DAYLIGHT Up Last June

People come to DAYLIGHT BEACH Club for many different reasons. For starters, people love the pool life in Las Vegas, and DAYLIGHT just so happens to have the best pool life (this place is jam-packed with good times, good drinks and good people, after all).

Another big reason why people love DAYLIGHT? Because of the experience. Not only can people enjoy a day out in the sun at DAYLIGHT but they can also enjoy amazing DJs while they are at it.

Music. Sun. Drinks. Pool. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

Just to show off how good of a time you could be having — and should be having — all spring and summer long, let’s go back into the past. In Flashback Friday fashion, let’s take a look at some of the best photos from Kid Funk last June.

Hit it (Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock style)!

Good times, pool parties and the never-ending journey of summer are all on the horizon. Just ask these ladies.


Poppin’ bottles in Vegas.


Flashback Friday to hot girls, cold drinks and this epic pool party.




Kid Funk doing his thing last June … like a boss.


DAYLIGHT Beach Club is the best beach club. The proof is in the picture below.


When the music is blasting and the temperatures are blazing, there’s nothing quite like a pool day. But this epic? Yeah, this epic.


Flashback Friday is king, especially when you throw good times at DAYLIGHT Beach Club into the mix.

If you are looking to have some fun in the sun, then make sure to visit us early and often this spring/summer!

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5 Best Songs Tyga Has Ever Laid Down (Videos)

In honor of Tyga performing at DAYLIGHT for the very first edition of LIT Sundays, we have compiled a list of the five best songs Tyga has ever laid down.

Tyga is one of the best young artists in the game. His flow is on point and he always nails whatever verse he lays down.

If this doesn’t get you jacked up for this Sunday, I’m not sure what will.

5. Feel me

Tyga and Kanye West join forces for one of the best hits of 2017. You really can’t go wrong with either of these two, and of course they both had to shout out their girls (Tyga being back with Kylie at this point and all).

Although Kanye may have stolen the show with this line: “n—as get so choked up, I had to bring back the Sprewells”

4. Bitches & Marijuana

This is the first of a couple of songs from the Chris Brown – Tyga collaboration album that went mostly under the radar. This is a song you can jam at any time. It even features an appearance from then up-and-comer ScHoolboy Q.

3. Faded

One of Tyga’s first of many hits set the world on fire. His unique flow and sound were evident here, and it was clear he was going to be a star.

2. Rack City

Probably the most popular song of Tyga’s Careless World: Rise of the Last King and the song that put him on the map was Rack City. It’s catchy, it was a new sound, and Tyga’s flow on it is incredible. You can bet he will play this at any concert.

  1. 1. Ayo

Here is another from the collaboration album with Chris Brown, and this is without a doubt his most catchy song. This is a song you can jam in the club, and also jam in the summer with the windows down and the volume all the way turned up. It’s hard to find a better song with the combination of a catchy chorus and nice flow. It’s the total package.

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Best Tropic Beauty Model Photos From St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

Tropic Beauty stopped by DAYLIGHT during St. Patrick’s Day weekend, and the party was LIT. March Madness kicked off and the Tropic Beauty models had some fun in the sun to celebrate.

This is the kind of fun you can expect all spring and summer long at the best day club party in Las Vegas. Pool partying at its finest.

rockbear-for-daylight-76 rockbear-for-daylight-74 rockbear-for-daylight-73 rockbear-for-daylight-71 rockbear-for-daylight-66 rockbear-for-daylight-64 rockbear-for-daylight-56 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-50 rockbear-for-daylight-47 rockbear-for-daylight-43 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-42 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-41 rockbear-for-daylight-40 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-37 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-36 rockbear-for-daylight-35 rockbear-for-daylight-33 rockbear-for-daylight-31 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-29 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-26 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-19 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-15 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-4 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-1 rockbear-for-daylight-11 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-77 rockbear-for-daylight-90 rockbear-for-daylight-84 rockbear-for-daylight-82 rockbear-for-daylight-61 rockbear-for-daylight-60 rockbear-for-daylight-56 (2) rockbear-for-daylight-43 (2) rockbear-for-daylight-38 rockbear-for-daylight-36 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-34 rockbear-for-daylight-33 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-28 rockbear-for-daylight-27 rockbear-for-daylight-21 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-17 rockbear-for-daylight-16 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-13 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-11 (2) rockbear-for-daylight-10 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-9 rockbear-for-daylight-7 rockbear-for-daylight-6 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-1 (1)

If you’re all of a sudden feeling like you missed out because you weren’t at DAYLIGHT for this, not to worry. You still have time to get tickets or daybeds for our Grand Opening Weekend starting Thursday, March 23. This also features the beginning of LIT Sundays featuring Tyga.

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15 Reasons You Should Come to DAYLIGHT During Spring Break

If you are trying to think of the perfect destination for your next spring break vacation, then look no further than Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Next, if you are looking for the adventure to end all adventures while you are at Mandalay Bay, then head on over to DAYLIGHT Beach Club.

One might be wondering what DAYLIGHT Beach Club brings to the table. When it comes to an epic pool party — and fun in the sun — what doesn’t DAYLIGHT bring to the table?

Here are some of the perks of partying at DAYLIGHT during spring break: (1) The best of the best when it comes to cocktail waitresses. (2) Cold drinks. (3) A pool party at its finest. (4) Great music via incredible DJs. (5) Girls, girls and more girls.

Don’t believe us?

Check out the pictures below to find 15 more reasons why you should party at DAYLIGHT Beach Club during spring break.


GirlsDaylight15 GirlsDaylight14 GirlsDaylight13 GirlsDaylight12 GirlsDaylight11 GirlsDaylight10 GirlsDaylight9 GirlsDaylight8 GirlsDaylight7 GirlsDaylight6 GirlsDaylight5 GirlsDaylight4 GirlsDaylight3 GirlsDaylight2 GirlsDaylight1


Now that you have seen picture proof of DAYLIGHT being the place to be during spring break (or any break, really), make sure to visit us ASAP!

There’s only one way to spend your spring break, and it all starts at DAYLIGHT.

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Best Photos From DAYLIGHT’s Sneak Peak Opening Weekend

When it comes to opening weekends, or weekends in general, DAYLIGHT Beach Club is the best in the business — and we are about to drop the picture proof. Not only do we have the best music, drinks and pool life, but we also have the best cocktail waitresses.

If you missed the opening weekend festivities, then you are in luck, just scroll down below to see exactly what you missed. Also, you know, just as a little sneak peek for what is to come the rest of the year.

DAYLIGHT Beach Club is back for yet another epic year at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. If you are ready to have the time of your life, then you know what to do — head over to DAYLIGHT Beach Club all summer long.

Without further ado, it’s time to unleash the best pictures from our opening weekend. Enjoy, and make sure to visit us ASAP!

First things first, we have to rep our DJs. We have some of the best DJs and artists in the game scheduled for DAYLIGHT in 2017, and things were just getting started with DJ Neva


There’s nothing quite like some good old-fashioned fun in the sun. Just ask these ladies.


Best cocktail waitresses in the business? Check.


Hot girls and cold beverages? Check, check and double check.


Because everyone has to get their full-booty … we mean full-body tan on, right?


Why venture to DAYLIGHT? Because the picture below simply doesn’t do this epic beach club justice — and that’s saying something.


Tanning for days.


Did we mention we have the best waitresses?


Fun in the sun at its finest.


We call this one the “cool-down phase.”


Good times are on the horizon. Good times.


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LIT Sundays Are Here — Take Sunday Funday To The Next Level At DAYLIGHT Beach Club

One word: Vegas.

Two words: LIT Sundays.

Join in on the Sunday Funday craze at DAYLIGHT Beach Club every Sunday starting on March 26. Tyga, Metro Boomin, Sage The Gemini, Rick Ross, and Ludacris are going to be turning UP Sundays this pool party season. 

Interested in bottle service? Check out some of our cocktail waitresses that will be taking care of you at our many daybeds and cabanas.

Lit1 Lit2 Lit3 Lit4 Lit5 Lit6 Lit7 Lit9 Lit10

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Daylight Beach Club’s Opening Month, 2017 Lineup is Here — And it is LIT

DAYLIGHT Beach Club is back for fifth consecutive year at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, with an exclusive sneak preview lined up for Saturday, March 11, featuring a performance by resident DJ E-Rock.  Grand Opening Weekend will include a headline set from EDM DJ Tommy Trash with support from Cut Snake and Sam Blacky on Saturday March 25th, and international hip hop artist, Tyga performing live on Sunday, March 26th. To kick off the 2017 season, the hottest pool party on the Vegas Strip will open its doors Thursday through Sunday from 11AM – 6PM.

Partygoers will be blown away by performances from diverse artists, from Tyga to household names like red hot producer Metro Boomin, EDM super star Laidback Luke, dance music favorites Morgan Page, Bassjackers and more.  DAYLIGHT’S 2017 calendar also features T-Pain, Steve Powers, Jerzy, and with many more one-off special events from artists such as Flume, Ice Cube and Nicole Moudaber, DAYLIGHT is bound to set the bar for Vegas day parties.

Setting itself apart from your run-off-the-mill pool parties, DAYLIGHT has been established as the premier outdoor destination under the Las Vegas sun since its beginning in 2013. The trendy, unprecedented space has pioneered the way for the entertainment landscape by combining a unique twist on the day-life scene with the most in-demand DJs and performers.

DAYLIGHT boasts a luxurious 5,000-square-foot pool, two additional pool-to-service VIP pools, a 1,400-square-foot elevated stage with unobstructed, up-close-and-personal views of DJ and artist performances, daybeds, 23 private VIP cabanas, two private ultra-VIP bungalows with private dipping pools, two new VIPS pools including a 448-square-foot pool to service the north side cabanas and a 245-square-foot pool to service the south-west side cabanas. a deck area with 50 daybeds, top of the line LED screens, and 25 u-shaped banquets with plush fabric.

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Photos Inside DAYLIGHT While Totally Empty Will Help You Plan Your Next Las Vegas Trip

With Spring Break and March Madness just around the corner, and the DAYLIGHT Beach Club season set to begin, you need to start planning your next Vegas day time adventure.

Sometimes it’s hard to decide which club to pick, especially if you haven’t been to it before. Even photos like these don’t help you plan your day out if you’re looking to get to a specific spot in the club. Well, we’re here to help.

The following photos were taken inside DAYLIGHT with no one around, so you can see every angle, every cabana, every spot in the pool, and make sure you know exactly what you’re getting when you book a spot with us. Check out our reservations page to get a quote for a day bed or cabana, or simply head over here to buy tickets.

Private quarters, private pool, public party.

DaylightLayout1Catch a March Madness game with VIP service.
DaylightLayout7Perfect view of the stage.
HSPhoto5Relax and or party in one of our many day beds. It’s up to you.
DaylightLayout5Look at how the sun reflects off Mandalay Bay…😍
DaylightLayout6Hop in the pool and still have a great view of the stage.
HSPhoto37Cabanas keep the party going…in the shade.
DaylightLayout4That view though…

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