Get Your 4-Day Electric Pass For Access to All 4 EDC Week Events at DAYLIGHT Beach Club

We’ve got great news! DAYLIGHT Beach Club is offering the opportunity of a lifetime. Purchase the four-day Electric Pass and you will get access to ALL FOUR EDC Week events at our venue.

Tickets are only $75 for males and $50 for females. You read that right. Yes, that’s for ALL FOUR events, and not per event. Take advantage while the price lasts!

EDC Week is going to be so freaking LIT at DAYLIGHT this year, you guys. We have some of the best DJs in the business stopping bye our one-of-a-kind venue. We’re gonna (figuratively) set this place on fire! Click the image below to get your pass now.

edc week

We cannot wait to see all of you beautiful people there! in the meantime, get ready for EDC Week with our awesome video below.

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DAYLIGHT Beach Club’s EDC Week Lineup Is What Dreams Are Made Of

EDC Week is just around the corner. If you are trying to turn this year’s festivities into the ultimate party, then you need to see the lineup DAYLIGHT Beach Club at Mandalay Bay has in store for you. 

Not only is DAYLIGHT one of the best day clubs in Las Vegas, but pool party season is currently going strong right now (check out our gallery to see the picture proof!). And on top of having the best cocktail waitresses and pool party scene, DAYLIGHT’s EDC lineup was just announced. Spoiler: It’s LIT.

EDC Week will be going down on June 12 to June 19, giving you an entire week to go HAM in Vegas!

Okay, fam, let’s get to that EDC lineup.

Thursday, June 15: The Magician And Solardo For Electric BBQ

Thursday Night: Chris Liebing, Nicole Moudaber, Pan-Pot For ECLIPSE Factory 93 DARKwater

Friday, June 16: Laidback Luke

Saturday, June 17: Jamie Jones & Green Velvet Alongside Chris Garcia

Sunday, June 18: DJ Flume

Now that the lineup has been announced, there are three things left for you to do: (1) Purchase your tickets ASAP. (2) Prepare yourself mentally for one of the craziest weeks of your life. (3) Get those floaties ready for DAYLIGHT Beach Club.

EDC Week in Las Vegas is the real deal, and you don’t want to miss out on all of the action.

It’s time to get turnt at DAYLIGHT Beach Club!

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Celebrate Your Weekend In Style at DAYLIGHT Beach Club With Duke Dumont on May 20

Looking to get a little cray cray this weekend? How does an epic pool party at a beach club in Las Vegas sound? We already know the answer to that question, so we will continue by saying this: Duke Dumont will be dropping beats at DAYLIGHT Beach Club on Saturday (May 20). Yeah, it’s going to be LIT AF, fam.

In hopes of getting you as pumped as possible for the party this weekend, make sure to check out the video below.

If you need another reason to come to DAYLIGHT Beach Club, then, well, these fire pics will get you to come to DAYLIGHT.

With summer, hot temps and bikini season (bros, DAYLIGHT has its fair share of hotties) in the air, it’s time to take your weekend game to the next level. As a result, we’ll be seeing you this Saturday for some Duke Dumont action.

Purchase your tickets here! If you really want to get down, then you can get a table as well!

Summer. Pool party season. DAYLIGHT Beach Club. Duke Dumont. Yeah, this ish is about to crazy!

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10 Pics That Will Get You to DAYLIGHT Beach Club This Summer

Do you like pool parties? Do you like summer? Do you like hot chicks in bikinis, or hot shirtless dudes?

We know your answers, so we will just say this: You and your crew have to make it out to DAYLIGHT Beach Club this summer.

After all, DAYLIGHT Beach club is the best place for pool parties all summer long, and you better believe hot girls in bikinis will be lurking around as well. I mean, come on, bros. We are talking about DAYLIGHT here.

Still not convinced? That’s okay, because the 10 pics below will definitely get you to DAYLIGHT Beach Club this summer.

JoeJanet_Daylight_6.25.16-9152 Lit1 rockbear-for-daylight-50 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-64 (1) rockbear-for-daylight-99-1-1024x683 17880384_1153302454792869_1273141121215175190_o rockbear-for-daylight-66 rockbear-for-daylight-26 rockbear-for-daylight-27 17835193_1153302404792874_6857532729535950850_o

Whether you are in Vegas tomorrow, next week or sometime this summer, DAYLIGHT Beach Club won’t let you down. To see who will be performing in the near future, make sure to check out our calendar. Fan of bottle service and kicking back with a table? Great! Follow this link.

DAYLIGHT Beach Club is the pool party destination this summer, and we know we’ll be seeing you soon as a result!

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Be a little bad and a little boujee Memorial Day Weekend with Hit Producer Metro Boomin!

Enter to win a VIP Meet & Greet with Young Metro at DAYLIGHT and win a $1,000 shopping spree at 12AM Run in Las Vegas!

DAYLIGHT Beach Club Will Be Holding The 2017 Miss USA Swimsuit Fashion Show On Friday, May 5

Calling all party people!

DAYLIGHT Beach Club has quite the treat for you this weekend. On Friday, May 5, DAYLIGHT will be holding the 2017 Miss USA Swimsuit Fashion Show. You’re welcome in advance.

Guys, we know you don’t want to miss out on the action.

On a typical day at DAYLIGHT Beach Club, you would find hot girls in bikinis, headlining DJs, champagne showers, the best cocktail waitresses on the planet and a whole lot of fun in the sun. On Friday, you will find all of that, AND the 2017 Miss USA Swimsuit Fashion Show will be going down.

On top of that, DJ E-Man will be doing his thing, and you’re going to want to let loose as a result.

Just to get a better idea of how LIT DAYLIGHT will be on Friday, check out the video below. While watching it, try to picture the 2017 Miss USA Swimsuit Fashion Show going on — because that’s how Friday is going to be!

It’s time to get turnt, fam! Who’s with us?

See pure beauty this Friday. Purchase your tickets here! You might want to get on that, because everyone is going to want to party at DAYLIGHT Beach Club this weekend … for obvious reasons.

If you need another reason to venture to DAYLIGHT on Friday, which is crazy talk, then remember this little detail: It will also be Cinco de Mayo!

From our beach club to yours, happy pool party season!

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The Ideal Day In Vegas For Every Party Animal

You and your friends are savages, which means you have definitely power-tripped to Vegas at 6 pm on a Friday on a whim.

We get you.

If you are like so many other people who venture to Vegas, then you just want to turn back the clock and party like you are back in college/when you were at the top of your party game.

In hopes of doing just that, below you will find the ideal day for every Vegas party animal.

Step 1: Wake Up And Hit The Buffet

Whether you just landed or are in recovery mode from the night before, you need to refuel, and if you plan on refueling like a boss, then you will hit up one of Vegas’ buffets, which are fire.

If you really want to go HAM, then you can get bottomless mimosas with your bros during brunch.

Step 2: Head Over To Fat Tuesday And Get Your Drink On

rockbear-for-daylight-3 (2)

Okay, so it doesn’t exactly have to be Fat Tuesday, but a drink is most certainly in order.

An ice cold beverage — which Fat Tuesday provides — goes hand in hand with the Vegas heat, and these frozen drinks are also easy to take down if you are battling a nasty hangover (hair of the dog, fam — it works every time).

Step 3: Hit Up A Pool Party

At this point, you have enough food in your system to soak up the booze and hold you off until a later lunch/dinner. On top of that, you might even have a pretty good buzz going if you got seconds at Fat Tuesday. In that case, a pool party is perfect!

rockbear-for-daylight-26 (4)

Shameless plug time: If you want to venture to a pool party that has headlining DJs, the best music, cold beverages and the most fun in the sun in Vegas, then you will head on over to DAYLIGHT Beach Club.

Nonetheless, it’s time to go beast mode at the pool.

Step 4: The Casino Is Calling Your Name


At this point, you are buzzing hard, and you are ready to say goodbye to the sun and hello to the nightlife. Therefore, you and your crew head to the casino and hit up the tables.

It’s time to do some gambling!

Step 5: Grab Something To Eat — Anything

You’ve been drinking all day, and you need a quick fix when it comes to soaking up some of that booze. If you are fancy AF, then you will dress up and go to a nice dinner (Vegas is flooding with fancy restaurants).

However, if you are just trying to get a quick bite, then you will hit up a food court/eat at a place that doesn’t require you to suit up.

Step 6: Either Pregame In Your Suite, Or Find A LIT Place To Throw Them Back

Once again, you have refueled the beast, and you are ready to go.

Vegas is all about the nightlife, and you are trying to get LIT. Therefore, you and your friends either pregame at your suite, or y’all find a place to throw them back. Whether the case, you can’t go wrong.

Step 7: The Club Is Calling Your Name

The main event is finally here! You are a party animal in every way imaginable, and you are ready to channel your inner Michael Jackson on the dance floor.

It’s club time, the moment you have been waiting for!

As the legendary Steve Aoki said, “Rage, rage the night away. Forget about the money I’ll spend today.”

Now that is how you Vegas, fam!

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DAYLIGHT Beach Club Will Be LIT During Cinco de Mayo/Fight Weekend Thanks To Our Killer AF Lineup

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, fam!

In hopes of celebrating this holiday the right way, it would be in your best interest to purchase tickets to DAYLIGHT Beach Club ASAP. After all, not only is it going to be Cinco de Mayo but Fight Weekend (aka one of the most LIT weekends of the year in Las Vegas) will also be going down.

DAYLIGHT is the ultimate place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Fight Weekend … but those aren’t the only reasons to venture to DAYLIGHT during this time.

The Cinco de Mayo/Fight Weekend lineup at DAYLIGHT Beach Club is LIT AF.

DJ E-Man will be at DAYLIGHT on Friday, May 5, Ice Cube will be here on Saturday, May 6 and Ludacris will be doing his thing on Sunday, May 7.

If all of that doesn’t make you want to go HAM at DAYLIGHT Beach Club, then there is something seriously wrong with you.

Here’s what you have to look forward to, you party animal, you.

DAYLIGHT is the place to be on any given weekend, and that is especially the case during Cinco de Mayo/Fight Weekend.

Book your tickets ASAP, and make sure to reserve your VIP table if you are really trying to go HAM.

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Steve Powers’ Top 5 Songs Are All You Need To Get Jacked For His DAYLIGHT Outing

Who’s ready to unlock their inner party animal at the pool? If so, then you should be partying at DAYLIGHT Beach Club early and often during pool party season, and you especially should be partying at DAYLIGHT on Saturday, April 29. After all, Steve Powers will be in the house, fam.

Prepare to get LIT at DAYLIGHT by checking out Steve Power’s top five songs below.

Good Music


Kiss the Stars

Brazil Nights

Forever Mine

DAYLIGHT Beach Club doesn’t throw your typical pool party. Sure, there will be a pool, and we will be partying, but DJs, champagne showers, bottle service and so much more will be going down.

If you are ready to have some serious fun in the sun, and party at a pool that is fire, then you can purchase your tickets here.

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Get Your Pool Party On by Venturing To Jerzy At DAYLIGHT Beach Club On April 28

Now that spring is finally here, pool party season is starting to take over — well, if you live in a place like Las Vegas, that is.

In the spirit of that thinking, and assuming you haven’t celebrated the beginning of a new season yet, you would be doing your inner party animal a huge favor by venturing to DAYLIGHT Beach Club on Friday, April 28 so you can kick-start your pool party season and watch Jerzy perform.

It’s going to be LIT.

Not only will you get to witness Jerzy perform but you will also get to have fun in the sun at the hottest pool party in Vegas.

If you really want to let your party flag fly, then VIP tables/bottle service will be available (reserve your spot here).

If you can’t make it on April 28, then you could always purchase your tickets for a different day. Check out our calendar here.

DAYLIGHT Beach Club is straight fire, no matter who is performing. With that said, Jerzy will surely throw it down on April 28, bottles will be popped and pool party season will be celebrated the right way.

Pool party season doesn’t last forever, fam, which is why you should be venturing to DAYLIGHT Beach Club all spring and summer long.

See you soon!

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